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Welcome to Lower Cholesterol

Lower Cholesterol is brought to you by your team at Best of the Best Health. Our goal at Lower Cholesterol is to be your clearinghouse for all things related to improving your cholesterol health. Here you will find a multitude of resources: articles, links, and recipes all focused on increasing your overall health. So, let's start right this minute to lower your cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance manufactored within the body of all animals, including humans. Although cholesterol is often considered a villian, it is essential to membrane health. The problem comes in when we ingest certain animal products.

High levels of cholesterol has been tired to such horrific maladies as heart and artery disease, and stroke. The waxey coating of cholesterol makes it highly insoluble in blood. In order to gain mobility through the bloodstream, Cholesterol attaches itself to lipoproteins. This packet of cholesterol and lipoproteins is categorized as to the concentration of protein with respect to its concentration of cholesterol. The two concentrations of most importance to our health are a low concentration of proteins, "low density lipoprotein" (LDL), and "high density lipoprotein" (HDL). LDLs are known as "bad" cholesterol and HDLs are known as "good" cholesterol.

This web-site has been designed to inform and advise. We have gathered an assortment of very pointed articles which we are sure you will find beneficial to your good health. Please peruse the many articles you'll find here and click on the links you find interesting. And don't forget to get your free report. The link is found under "Site Navigation" in the side bar at the right.

We make every attempt to keep the information here fresh and interesting.

We hope you enjoy our cholesterol website, and we wish you the best of health!

~ The Lower Cholesterol Team

Here are some articles to start with...

The Importance Of Cholesterol Ratios
By Kelly Donnelly
Cholesterol ratios can be useful in the prediction of heart disease. Ratios show us the whole picture rather than just one number. A "total cholesterol" gives one number and doesn't provide Read more...
What Are Some Of The Cholesterol Medicine Side Effects I Should Be Aware Of?
By R.D. Hawkins
Letís face keeping our hearts strong and arteries clear from cholesterol laden plaque deposits is a very important part of overall health, and essential to avoiding a heart attack or stroke. The only Read more...
Lower Cholesterol Naturally To Maintain Good Blood Pressure
By mikej
High cholesterol causes high blood pressure. So, to maintain good blood pressure it is necessary to lower cholesterol naturally. There are several ways on how to do it as a substitute for the Read more...
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